I compose collages from Kraft paper that I transform with acrylics, dry pastels and enhanced with gold and silver shards.

From this apparently humble and common material that is paper, I would like to bring out the splendours and splendours of the East, Asia or Africa, the icy shimmers of the lands of the North, the abundance of a fanciful and exotic flora and fauna.

Camp Monghol grands espaces

Camp Monghol - Françoise Barraud - 1990

152 x 122 cm

collage of paper on canvas, acrylic, pastel, mixed media


I lead days of artistic expression in my workshop, as I had undertaken at the end of my training in socio-cultural animation at the University Institute of Technology of Bordeaux in France.

My natural inclinations had made me “squat” the plastic arts workshop of the IUT where I was able to learn the basics of screen printing, engraving and the making of puppets.

During my years in Bordeaux, I also invited myself to one of the city's oldest and most prestigious master glassmakers, Jacques Dupuy, who helped me create my first stained glass and mosaic works.

Today, I share with my trainees very personal techniques using paper, which I refine day after day.